Red Hat’s container based environment management platform, OpenShift, is a layered system designed to expose underlying Docker-formatted container images and Kubernetes concepts as accurately as possible, with a focus on easy composition of applications by a developer. Using OpenShift simplifies the whole lifecycle of container native applications. It helps with computing resources management, container image deployments, real-time scaling of applications and also supports DevOps by managing the transition of applications between environments and teams.

AWS Service Broker

The AWS Service Broker is supported and qualified on OpenShift Container Platform. It is offered directly from Amazon as a download and as such, many components of this service broker solution are supported directly by Amazon for the most recent two versions with a lag of two months after a new OpenShift Container Platform release. Red Hat provides support for the installation and troubleshooting of the OpenShift cluster and service catalog issues.

Behaim’s Openshift Certified team has multiple years of experience with building and supporting Openshift Container Platforms and AWS, offering:

  • Installation, setup, configuration, and production deployments
  • Application implementations (Java, TIBCO, and other)
  • Designing and implementing advanced automated development concepts (CI/CD)