MakeDoc® provides automatic code review and analysis of TIBCO projects. With the click of a button, the Product technically documents a company’s actual ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks®, BusinessEvents®, EMS server and iProcess® projects and deployments. Based on this analysis, MakeDoc® enforces an automatic code review, highlights the differences in TIBCO production environments or developments over time, and displays dependencies graphically across an unlimited number of TIBCO projects.

MakeDoc® for TIBCO

MakeDoc® for TIBCO provides static, real-time, automatically generated visual documentation and technical analysis, such as: Code Review, Cross-Reference, and Delta’s, of TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, BusinessWorks™, BusinessEvents® and iProcess® projects in HTML, PDF, and WORD formats

MakeDoc® for TIBCO can increase Your IT department’s productivity, decrease time required for business requirement implementations, increase a productions system‘s uptime, and allow IT department’s to provide accurate, technical level feedback to their management.

It’s hard to constantly monitor Your TIBCO Implementation’s technical detail…MakeDoc® for TIBCO Does It for You! So use MakeDoc® for TIBCO to leverage your TIBCO infrastructure to a new level of efficiency.

Experienced Value by MakeDoc® for TIBCO Customers:

  • Decrease the time required to implement a business requirement by 15-20%
  • SOA / middleware platform errors are identified 70-90% faster, resulting in greater uptime business critical services
  • Increase the efficienty of in-house or offshore consultants by 20%
  • Unique BPM – ESB production environment dependency analysis


1. Documented Projects / Cross-Referenced Middleware Architecture

Continuous availability of up to date and consistent documentation for your middleware platform. Visibility into your actual deployments benefits solution architects, developers, support and operation, and management. MakeDoc’s Microsoft Word output format allows for unlimited customization for presentations to emphasize critical points to a specific audience (clients, management, etc.).

2. Business Requirements Transformation

On average, 30% of time for transforming a business requirement from its functional to technical specifications is saved. You can choose the depth of documentation detail so analysts and integration architects are not burdened by too detailed and technical issues. Clear communication lines for your team will be established. End user testing and hand over procedures will be simplified.

3. Operation & Release Management

Standard system operation and new deployments can be monitored and controlled more effectively. MakeDoc® automatically generates snapshots of your test and production platform by running in batch mode. Different versions can be stored and compared using MakeDoc’s built in Repository Analyst. Deltas of platform versions are created and stored and should downtime occur, IT teams focus on highlighted items that changed immediately before the error occured, saving 90% of time to identify source and location of the problem.

4. Quality Assurance

Special on-demand service, that is set according to the customer’s specifications. Automatic testing helps to find 80% of errors, which usually can’t be discovered during development, or unit testing. Deviation from standards are quickly identified, addressed and can be centrally enforced.

5. BPM Analysis (iProcess Extension)

How to identify interconnections among iProcess suite procedures and ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks processes? MakeDoc’s iProcess suite documentation and BPM / ESB Cross-Reference enables the analysis of both the ESB and BPM layer and all their interconnections from one central place.

Main Services

MakeDoc® for TIBCO Provides 5 Main Services

  • Project Documentation provides detailed and comprehensive information about an unlimited number of projects.
  • Cross-Reference links the communication between destinations, projects, the usage of global variables and database objects within the projects. Cross-Reference by Destinations produces a graph of projects communicating with selected destinations. Supports JMS messages, SOAP, JDBC connections, RV messages and BusinessEventsTM. Cross-Reference by Global Variables maps the references of a selected global variable in all analyzed projects. Cross-Reference by Database Objects shows queries executed by projects on a selected database table, view, or procedure. Cross-Reference by Projects provides a list of all destinations, global variables or database objects referenced by a selected project.
  • Repository Analyst allows the tracking of changes and development progress among projects or production environments.
  • Quality Assurance is an adjustable rule based system, which checks the adherence to your set development standards by validation of TIBCO resources according to a set of defined rules.
  • BPM x ESB Cross-Reference analysis is generated for all BW and IProcess inputs and identifies which ESB services are called by BPM procedures or, which BPM procedures are triggered by which ESB processes.

Features & Supported Software


  1. Creates real-time visibility into your TIBCO SOA/middleware deployment, projects, and legacy systems. MakeDoc’s output is a well-arranged, organized and uniform, printable document with searchable indices to save your time.
  2. Written in Java and therefore portable among different operating systems. Developed under operating systems Microsoft Windows and GNU Linux.

Able to run as a scheduled batch process – automatically generates middleware documentation: pulling from a centralized storage archive, at a set time frame, and sending the documentation to a specified folder.

Supported Software

MakeDoc® NG (New Generation) analyzes:

  • TIBCO Active Matrix BusinessWorks resources
  • TIBCO iProcess resources
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents 3.x, 4.x, 5.x resources: concept, concept view, event, time event, channel, rule set, rule function, scorecard and state machine.
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Server

Supports all standard TIBCO adapters: Generic Adapter, Active Database, AdEJB, BusinessConnect, CICS, Clarify, COM, CORBA, File, IBM AS/400, Infranet, JDE OneWorld Xe, Kenan BP, LDAP, Lotus Notes, MQ, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, Remedy, SAP, Siebel, SWIFT, Teradata and Tuxedo Adapters.

Output Examples


MakeDoc® for TIBCO provides HTML, PDF and DOCX outputs for TIBCO BusinessWorks, BusinessEvents, EMS, and IProcess projects and environments. Click on the below to see all detail, layout, and hyperlinks. Moving around is easy due to a HTML navigation panel and bookmarks in PDF. From now on, always have up to date documentation!


Repository Analyst

The MakeDoc® Repository Analyst visually highlights differences between TIBCO BusinessWorks, BusinessEvents, EMS, and iProcess projects or production environments. The highlighting is intuitive for quick review: RED for deleted items, GREEN for added items, and un-changed items remain White. Complement your version control system with MakeDoc’s® Repository Analyst to know what changed!



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