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Integration by Behaim ITS

Integration is our flagship. We have been sailing on it for more than two decades. We have integrated IT technologies for companies and organizations of all sizes and focuses. We have gained deep knowledge and experience in coding, implementing, analyzing, scaling and servicing technologies from many different vendors.

Over the years, the requirements of our customers have changed. While we used to integrate almost exclusively on-premise solutions, today we are unreservedly dealing with cloud solutions or a combination of cloud and on-premise solutions. We are also increasingly using streaming.
Another current trend is the shift from software vendors to open source solutions. But Behaim ITS is not closing either option: we offer integration within TIBCO as a premium solution for the most demanding customers and open source integration as a relevant alternative.

We often pioneer new integration trends. We train our own AI engine to be able to automatically prepare the integration architecture and design of future solutions.
For the future is called “Integration powered by AI”.

Three integration trends

1. Diversion to Opensource

You have deployed systems such as TIBCO and are interested in open source and cloud integration. You’re wondering how to best integrate these two new directions into your existing systems.

Behaim ITS: We will analyze and recommend options to replace your existing systems. The goal may be, for example, to reduce IT operating costs, be it license fees or costs associated with acquiring, maintaining and servicing HW.

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2. Cloud Integration

Medium and smaller companies often need to retrain their business at a specific point in time or over a longer period of time. That’s why they choose to integrate cloud services.

Behaim are able to take a “holistic” view of cloud technologies. What does that mean? That the “whole” is more important than its parts, and each part is only meaningful if we relate its meaning to the other parts or to the whole.

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3. Streaming by Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform designed for building real-time data pipelines and streaming applications.

Behaim ITS recognizes the potential of Kafka as an integration powerhouse, bringing forth a world of possibilities for businesses seeking seamless data connectivity.

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Our solutions

TIBCO Integration Premium solutions

Behaim ITS visionary team has been working with TIBCO’s products for 10 years and comes with 20+ years of process automation and optimization specialization!

OpenSource int. Relevant alternative

Behaim ITS’ technological knowledge includes open source based, enterprise ready, software products that are maintained and supported by RedHat. Behaim ITS’ experience in Red Hat’s software product stack covers various levels of products…

Integration by AI   Be in the future

Behaim ITS brings its 20 years of integration design experience to AI so that AI is able to automatically design the architecture and structure of integration even in open source solutions…

15+ years of Custom Development

Leverage 15 years of Know-How. For projects reaching beyond standard features or for technology product development, Behaim can deliver custom and open source development experience on top of your existing technology products or implementations.

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