About us

A Short Introduction on Behaim

Who We Are

Behaim ITS is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting, integration, technology and development in the United States and European markets. Our senior consultants have an average of 11 years of IT consulting and development experience with deep industry knowledge.

We have intimate and in-depth knowledge of the entire industry landscape: telecommunications, energy/utilities, industrial and manufacturing, finance, and healthcare.

Our references include integrations in the automation and optimization of manufacturing processes, as well as integrations in the IoT and BigData landscape.

We hold unique know-how in cloud, streaming and AI technologies.

What We Do

We monitor and implement IT technologies. In our offices in Europe (Olomouc) and the USA (Chicago) we use the latest trends from both worlds for the benefit of our customers to make their processes and services even better and more efficient.

We specialize in integrating cloud, streaming and BigData technologies on AWS, AZURE and other platforms. We are long-time partners with TIBCO, Apache Kafka and MakeDoc solutions. We work with technologies that we know very well and whose benefits we have been proven in real deployments.

Our daily bread is Cloud Computing, Micro-Services, Data Storage, Data Analytics, Integration, Internet of Things (IOT), API Management, In-memory and Complex Event Processing, Business Process Management, Master Data Management or Data Visualization.

We have included Artificial Intelligence in our portfolio, which takes service efficiency to a new level, especially in the areas of analytics, trend setting, data processing speed, search and archiving.

What makes us different

Highly sophisticated and specialized technological know-how combined with a personal culture of approach to our customers. We are able to serve our customers on-site in the US and Europe while being very efficient in terms of project design and operating costs.

Our philosophy is to use quality over quantity. We only integrate technologies that we know perfectly and have many years of experience in.

Our vision To be a superior and trusted service provider that is committed to customer interests and IT Excellence.

What Does “Behaim” Stand For?

Martin Behaim (wikipedia) was a German born explorer and geographer.
He is credited with constructing the first globe, which he called the “Earth Apple”.
The founder of Behaim IT Solutions attended the Martin Behaim University, specializing in sciences and mathematics, before moving to the United States.