About Us

A Short Introduction on Behaim

Who We Are

Behaim IT Solutions is built on senior consultants with an average of 9 years of IT consulting and development experience with deep industry knowledge. The team’s culture is to establish personal relationships with each one of our Clients and provide IT solutions that surpass expectations. Behaim has over a decade of Integration and several years of Big Data experience. The team has a unique background in manufacturing process automation and optimization, including edge integration of the Internet of Things (IOT). Our engagements with Clients cover the breadth of technologies and coding languages used in Companies today.

What We Do

Behaim IT Solutions partners with Clients to help them overcome their 21st century IT challenges: Leveraging the Cloud and shared services; Gaining insight quickly in a world of Big Data; and taking Real-Time action on Data for competitive advantage, new opportunities, and risk diversion. We specialize in Integration and Hadoop technologies that enable: Data Storage, Data Analysis, Integration / Internet of Things (IOT), API Management, In-Memory & Complex Event Processing, Business Process Management, Master Data Management, and Visualizations. Our unique background gives us the ability to build custom adapters and industry specific solutions or provide progressive custom development for our Clients. Beyond Behaim’s technological expertise, our team has value add vertical know-how in the following spaces: Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Banking, Manufacturing, and Life Sciences.

Why Work With Us?

When you decide to partner with Behaim we promise two things:

  1. Long-term Dedication to our Customers throughout and beyond your IT projects.
  2. Continuous Focus on IT Excellence, Utilizing the latest available technology suited for your needs.

Our Vision

To be your premier and trusted Solution Provider with Dedication to Customers and IT Excellence.

What Does “Behaim” Stand For?

Martin Behaim was a German born explorer and geographer. He is credited with constructing the first globe, which he called the “Earth Apple” ( The founder of Behaim IT Solutions attended the Martin Behaim University, specializing in sciences and mathematics, before moving to the United States.

Behaim IT Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility

Behaim IT Solutions is committed to the highest standards of product quality and business integrity.

To ensure and confirm that working conditions in our supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that our manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically, we have adopted the Electronic Industry Supplier Code of Conduct. Please find more information here.

Contact Us

Behaim IT Solutions, LLC
220 N Green St #3007
Chicago, IL 60607, USA
Tel: +1 630 402 9044

Behaim IT Solutions