Active Service Gateway “ASG”

The TIBCO API Exchange Gateway (formerly known as ASG) is used by enterprises to centralize governance of SOA communication with their internal and/or external business partners.  It serves as a single point of contact for incoming traffic and as a gateway for outgoing traffic.

Some features Behaim has implemented with TIBCO’s API Exchange Gateway:

  • Management of all security aspects of communication (authorization, authentication, etc..)
  • Transformation of all requests from different communication protocols (JMS, HTTP, HTTPS, etc..)
  • Transformation of all requests from different XML schemas
  • Routing requests based on their contents to appropriate internal services
  • Protection of internal systems from overload due to programming mistakes or outside attacks
  • Monitoring of all traffic and enablement of easy analysis with TIBCO Spotfire’s Business Intelligence Analytics Software
  • Caching of outgoing responses to save costs when calling 3rd party commercial services

TIBCO’s API Exchange usually runs on a standalone server with dedicated hardware.  It has a command line controlled core engine, cache, throttle manager and central logger.

Configuration is done via web based UI and the product supports horizontal scaling, and parallel deployment into internal networks and DMZ.

Behaim has completed several implementations of TIBCO’s API Exchange (formerly known as ASG) in a variety of verticals. Some customer use cases include: Mobile Payment Gateways, Mobile Protection Gateways, Logistic Services Gateway, and exposing services to Virtual Mobile Operators.  Behaim, by cooperating with TIBCO’s engineering, achieved advanced API exchange functionality, such as: Core Logging Customization, Cache Implementation, and Increased Security.

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