Behaim’s Cloud Offering

What role does Behaim ITS play?

At Behaim, we take a “holistic” view of cloud technologies. What does that mean? That the “whole” is more important than its parts, and each part is only meaningful if we relate its meaning to the other parts or to the whole.

We have implemented cloud solutions for large corporations, telecom giants, as well as for medium and small businesses that need flexible solutions that enable cost savings, rapid scalability, and growth.

We can offer both hosted and private clouds that companies can build themselves. We have also created several hypescaler solutions, where we put together cloud services so that they are not dependent on just one large service provider.

We are trusted adviser

More than 10 years of experience with the cloud has taught us at Behaim ITS to look at this technology “holistically”.

Why the cloud?

Cloud technologies can be a good servant, but also a bad master. They can bring progress and benefits, but they can also become a financial trap.

Like any other technology, the cloud is not suitable for everything. The roughly decade-old trend of “everything in the cloud” is now being replaced by the belief that only things that turn the benefits of the cloud into business benefits as well: savings or more revenue.

The cloud is therefore mostly applied where there is a need to scale quickly, from one day to the next, to increase performance, sales, transactions, to serve hundreds of thousands of new customers.
A typical example of the benefits of a cloud solution is that of a global medical supplies supplier that, with the advent of the covid-19 disease pandemic, had to change its operations virtually overnight to be able to deliver supplies where they were needed in the changed conditions. By moving to the cloud, it is no exaggeration to say that several lives were saved.

Behaim cloud experience

More than 10 years of experience in cloud implementations

Our customers demand the cloud
Requirements for the cloud have increased
Customers in the US are already using the cloud
Customers in Europe already use the cloud

How and when to deploy the cloud?

At the beginning of any journey to the cloud, there are a lot of questions and a long list of goals that the new solution must meet.

For example:

  • What applications and services do I have?
  • Which ones are suitable for the cloud from a scalability perspective?
  • How much does the cloud cost and how much will the entire solution cost?
  • What cloud technologies should I use?
  • What is good and bad about the cloud?
  • Is multicloud or private cloud better, or should I stay with an on-premise solution?
  • What security risks do I face in the cloud?

There are many more question marks at the beginning of the cloud journey.

Many of them are hidden at first and second glance and only become apparent during implementation.

This adds to the cost and extends the deployment time. That’s why it’s a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced partner: Behaim ITS.

What next?

Based on the analysis, we will offer the most suitable (and at the same time the best and latest) technologies. We will select the services that require scalability, we will also look at suitable on-premise applications, describe the risks and prepare an integration plan.

During the migration to the new solution, we’ll help your colleagues navigate the new system and train its users. If you don’t have sufficient staff or expert capacity, we will service everything you need.

Most commonly used technologies: AWS, Azure and more.
We offer hyperscaler solutions, multicloud, private cloud, public cloud.
All in the spirit of  “Don’t fall into the vendor lock-in trap”.

Congratulations, you’re in the cloud with us.

With good results and reasonable costs. And we’ve got Day 2 and Day 3 problems ahead of us. Maintenance. Day-to-day operations. Optimization. And you’ve got it all covered with Behaim ITS.

Then we help you set up the operational environment of your IT projects in the cloud and with the next steps.

Our Open Source solutions

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat’s container based environment management platform, OpenShift, is a layered system designed to expose underlying Docker-formatted container images and Kubernetes concepts as accurately as possible, with a focus on easy composition of applications by a developer.

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