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Your Steps to Cloud

Many companies have recognized the competitive advantage that cloud platforms bring, whether they plan to use the cloud for infrastructure, selected applications, or as a destination platform for their customers.

Along with the first plan, IT executives are asking themselves essential questions:

  • What can I run in the Cloud?
  • What should I have in the Cloud?
  • How much will the Cloud save me?
  • Can I get started in the Cloud with minimal costs?

Behaim has guided a number of enterprise customers on their journey to the cloud in recent years. We’ve helped them plan and execute the transition of sub-applications or entire platforms.

The way we can help you get there efficiently, cost-effectively and securely can be summarized in a few steps.

Step 1: Why?

Before we make the first investment, it’s good to be able to answer the questions:

  • What is the cloud business value to my organization?
  • Is it worth it for my use cases at all?

Before you spend your first dollar or euro, Behaim can help you prepare an evaluation in a way that works for you. Typically, this involves measuring investment and value in the form of ROI and other key indicators.

Step 2: What?

Not everything fits in the cloud. Some platforms, applications or solutions can be migrated at minimal cost and high benefit, while for some it’s the other way around.
Behaim can help you analyze the appropriate applications and focus on them.

Step 3: How?

It is possible to go to the cloud with minimal cost, but many companies have invested heavily and have not achieved their goals. We all gain experience incrementally, and in many cases too expensively.
If you don’t want to go through mistakes you don’t have to, let Behaim help you with typical activities we’ve done many times before and know how to do. Don’t do them manually, that’s the most expensive way.
We have the automated tools to create a cloud on your chosen platform and the tools and experience to migrate your chosen IT landscape.

Step 4: What’s next?

Congratulations, you’re in the cloud now. With a good outcome and reasonable costs.
And there are Day 2 and Day 3 challenges ahead.
Maintenance. Day-to-day operations. Optimization. Security challenges.
Behaim can help you to set up day-by-day operation of your IT projects and support you during the next steps so that congratulations stay regular.

CI/CD Framework

Any path towards the agile development can bring additional benefits when accelerated by the right tools, boosting the IT development productivity and minimize the costs for manual tasks during the build and further development and maintenance of the solutions.

Typically, initial budgets and estimates of customer teams who decided to develop such tooling on their own, was few weeks for one developer.
The final bill was multiple months per multiple team members, who spent together hundreds of man-days on toolset implementation instead of productive work on business assignments. And another year to tune such solution to be production ready.
Many of them even gave the task up after all the burnt effort.

Behaim as a cloud development specialist has designed, developed, fine-tuned and can offer the solution, packaged as a Behaim’s Automation Framework, tuned on both small and large-scale projects, so is ready to work in enterprise environments.

The main objective of the Framework is to:

  • significantly reduce the customer’s cost for development of own automation toolset
  • let the Developers focus on tasks bringing the highest added value in the business support.

Behaim Cloud Competencies

Cloud environment setup

  • Automated pipelines
  • Due to years of experience for both on-prem and cloud, Behaim can compare and recommend sizing configuration
  • Performance best practices
  • Security consideration

Development of the cloud solutions

  • Composable architecture
  • Use of the best practices for the cloud-native patterns
  • Experience in advantages and limitations of applications running in pods
  • Cutting-edge technologies in cloud environments
  • Error-handling approach

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