Our Life with Apache Camel

Bohuslav Jecmen
3 min


In the bustling world of enterprise integration, where data flows like a digital river, we found our guiding star: Apache Camel. This open-source integration framework has been our trusted companion on a journey that began with a humble IoT platform and evolved into a robust ecosystem of interconnected systems.

The Birth of Our IoT Platform

A Loriot Connection

Picture this: a small team huddled around a whiteboard, fueled by caffeine and curiosity. We were tasked with building an IoT platform that could receive messages from Loriot, a leading IoT network provider. These messages flowed in from various devices—temperature sensors (such as refrigerators at a dairy company), smart meters, and even coffee machines (yes, coffee machines have feelings too).

The Rules of the Game

Our mission was clear: route these messages to their rightful destinations—our beloved customers. But this wasn’t just about delivery; it was about precision. We needed to apply rules to each message, ensuring that the right data reached the right recipient. If a temperature reading spiked, an alert had to be sent to the maintenance team. If the coffee machine ran out of beans, well, that was an emergency too!

Beyond Routing: Services Galore

Our IoT platform wasn’t just a glorified postal service. It offered a suite of services:

  1. Message Persistence: Every byte mattered. We stored messages securely, ensuring they’d survive even if the coffee machine exploded (it didn’t, thankfully).
  2. Monitoring and Statistics: We kept a watchful eye on our data streams. If a sensor went rogue, we’d know. If the coffee machine brewed too slowly, we’d know that too.
  3. Billing Information: Our customers deserved clarity. We tracked usage and generated bills faster than a barista whipping up a latte.
  4. REST APIs: Our APIs were as public as a town square. Customers could query their data, adjust thresholds, and even send love letters to their coffee machines or their favorite cheese wheel (we didn’t judge).

The Rise of Apache Camel

A Paradigm Shift (From Milk to Middleware)

As our IoT platform thrived, our company’s vision expanded. We needed an integration platform that could dance with diverse systems. Enter Apache Camel—a versatile framework based on Enterprise Integration Patterns. Camel spoke the language of routers, transformers, and endpoints. It was our Swiss Army knife for connecting the dots.

Protocols and Interfaces Galore

With Camel by our side, we embarked on a grand integration adventure. Our systems spoke different dialects: HTTPS, SOAP, WebSocket (WSS), LDAP, REST, JMS, MQTT, JDBC, and even Open ID. The list was longer than a coffee shop menu.

The Cast of Integrated Systems

Our backstage crew included:

  • Maria DB: The silent workhorse storing our data.
  • Oracle DB: The wise oracle answering our queries.
  • Apache Artemis: The message broker orchestrating our conversations.
  • SAP: The enterprise giant sharing its secrets.
  • Sugar CRM: The sweet spot for customer relations.
  • Net Vision: The all-seeing eye monitoring our networks.
  • Business Cloud: The cloud that rained solutions.
  • Front Stage: The showstopper for user interfaces.
  • Medica Watch: The health guardian.
  • Power Flow: The energy conductor.
  • Ticketing Veeam: The ticket master.
  • And many others, each with its own story to tell.

So What Apache Camel Is Good For?

Apache Camel is an open-source integration framework designed to facilitate the seamless connectivity of diverse systems and applications. It simplifies the integration process by providing a versatile set of tools and components for routing, transformation, and mediation. With its extensive library of connectors and protocols, Apache Camel enables developers to effortlessly integrate different systems, services, and data formats, making it an ideal solution for building robust and scalable integration solutions. Its capabilities include message routing, data transformation, content-based routing, error handling, and more, empowering developers to create efficient and reliable integration workflows with ease.


Our life with Apache Camel has been a symphony of connections. From milk jugs to critical systems, Camel has woven our digital tapestry. So here’s to Camel—the unsung hero behind the scenes, the conductor of our data orchestra. May it continue to bridge gaps, harmonize protocols, and keep our coffee warm.

And remember, when you sip that latte, somewhere in the code, Camel is winking at you. ☕🐪


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Author: Bohuslav Jecmen