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Over the past 10 years, the Behaim team has been working at progressive and leading Telco accounts in architecture, operations, consulting, and development roles. Business solutions include cross-sell up-sell, lean service provisioning, real-time loyalty, knowledge discovery, and accelerating the Product Lifecycle. These solutions also meet many of the business demands in Retail. We have strong telecommunications operations and environment experience so consultants can speak the customer’s language and design and implement very effectively. Integration and Big Data technologies used at these accounts have been: Data Storage, Data Loading, Messaging, Integration, API Management, Data Analysis, Business Process Management, Complex Event Processing, Master Data Management, and Order Fulfillment.


For over 9 years, Behaim’s consultants have engaged with large customers in Europe and the United States, to build smart real-time solutions that proactively detect patterns and eliminate outages that save millions of dollars! Business solutions include disaster recovery, process optimization, emergency response, and complete enterprise IT services from design, implementation, testing, to production support. Delivered Infrastructure and Big Data projects leveraged: Data Storage, Data Loading, Messaging, Integration / Internet of Things (IOT), Business Process Management, In-Memory and Complex Event Processing, Data Analysis and Visualizations. Custom-built solutions use extensive skills in real-time or static PI and / or OPC connections.

Manufacturing & Life Sciences

Behaim IT Solutions has a unique background of over 20 years in process automation and lean optimization, 10+ years of Integration know-how, as well as deep knowledge of all major software and systems. This allows our team to implement Big Data and Integration technologies efficiently in enterprise wide applications, specific business areas, at the plant level, or in custom developed environments. Behaim offers prebuilt frameworks, solutions, and adapters that accelerate implementations and bring standardization and superior performance at reduced cost.

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