The Advanced TIBCO Framework (ATF) significantly improves the process of designing and implementing changes in the delivery cycle, supported by a sophisticated set of tools. The solution improves key points of the delivery process to maximize the efficiency by its standardization and automation. ATF is evolutionary, so it leverages your existing processes.

ATF Solves the Following Issues of Standard Delivery Processes

  • It is not possible to quickly and automatically setup a new environment as a clone of an existing environment
  • It can be a new Integration environment or a private/virtualized Development environment
  • Deployment configurations cannot be versioned in the same as a Project definition
  • Changes done in TIBCO’s Administrator can be lost or forgotten before the next project version is released

Deployment of the same Project with different configurations (load balancing, area specific parameters, and for different environments) is time consuming and a possible source of errors. It is necessary manually rewrite configuration in TIBCO Designer or in TIBCO Administrator.


ATF unifies and automates the build and deployment processes of TIBCO Projects and helps Customers achieve significant reductions in cost and effort:

  • During Manual Creation of Installation Packages
    • ATF minimizes the effort of a Developer side by 50% using a new environment skeleton as a copy of DEV.
    • Operation’s work is reduced by 95%.
  • For Manual Deployments
    • ATF speeds up deployment in Operations by 90%.
    • ATF eliminates 50% of errors caused by incorrect global variable values.
  • While Setting Up a Cloned New Environment (PRERPROD, PRODLIKE)
    • Cloning an environment is 95% faster.

Brief technical description

  • Based on standard technologies – Apache Ant, TIBCO TRA utilities
  • Supports Unix, Linux, Windows Environments
  • All the sources, configurations and application deployments settings are stored within one SCM

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