Advanced TIBCO Framework

The Advanced TIBCO Framework (ATF) significantly improves the process of designing and implementing changes in the delivery cycle, supported by a sophisticated set of tools.

Behaim ROM for TIBCO FOS

TIBCO Fulfilment Orchestration Suite (FOS) and TIBCO integration platform have a proven track record of implementing a modern and dynamic catalog-driven Service Order Management system.

BillPrint Suite

Behaim’s BillPrint Suite automatically generates and archives XML documents containing customer billing data gathered from standalone systems in order to create printable invoices ready to be sent to a selected printer.

Behaim Emergency Response Solution

Behaim’s Emergency Response solution leverages TIBCO’s real-time architecture and the latest smart phone capabilities to save minutes in emergency response times.

Behaim TIBCO Adapter for Esri

Behaim’s TIBCO Adapter for Esri’s GIS Mapping Software allows real-time data exchanges between Esri’s ArcGIS and ArcFM plugin and TIBCO’s ESB applications.

Behaim TIBCO Adapter for OPC

Behaim’s TIBCO Adapter for OPC allows real-time data exchanges between OPC Servers and TIBCO’s ESB applications.

Spotfire as the Automation Brain

Many Enterprises Behaim works with have home grown applications and business processes handling large sets of critical production data that are core to their business.