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Complex Event Processing – TIBCO BusinessEvents (BE)

Complex event processing (CEP) software aggregates information from distributed systems in real time and applies rules to discern patterns and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed. This gives companies the ability to identify and anticipate opportunities represented by seemingly unrelated events.

With CEP, businesses can map discrete events to expected outcomes and relate series of events to key performance indicators (KPIs). CEP gives businesses insight into which events will have the greatest operational impact so they can focus their resources to seize opportunities and mitigate risks.

TIBCO is the undisputed leader in complex event processing (CEP) software with over 40 percent market share, according to a recent IDC Study.

TIBCO BusinessEvents® helps companies identify and quantify the impact of events as they happen. It makes sense of the deluge of data from operations, customers and partners so you can automatically and in real-time optimize processes and resources and take action sooner to capitalize on opportunities and remediate threats. BusinessEvents uses a unique model-driven approach to collect, filter, and correlate events and deliver real-time operational insight.

Behaim has architects and developers with 4 years of experience in BE and multiple projects at very innovative TIBCO customers. These mission-critical solutions often involve composite applications and sometimes thousands of monitored adapters. Visionary use cases include: disaster recovery for huge utility grids, dynamic cross-sell/up-sell, product safety and yield optimization, and sophisticated device integration in medical, manufacturing, and homeland security.

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