Behaim TIBCO Adapter for OPC

Behaim’s TIBCO Adapter for OPC allows real-time data exchanges between OPC Servers and TIBCO’s ESB applications. It provides request/response services for manipulating tag data and notification subscriptions and publish services for publishing notifications on tag changes.

The adapter can be configured to either use TIBCO Rendezvous or TIBCO EMS as transport. The connection to OPC is realized via COM/DCOM protocols.


The Behaim Tibco Adapter for OPC provides the following services:

  • Reads values from OPC via request-reply
  • Writes values to OPC via request-reply
  • Subscribes tags to receive values changes
  • Unsubscribes tags from receiving values changes

Behaim’s TIBCO Adapter for OPC provides the following benefits

  • Integrates the OPC Server directly into TIBCO’s ESB environment
  • Increases the efficiency of working with OPC Level Data
  • Real-time notifications from OPC Servers

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