H2O is an open-source software for big-data analysis. It is produced by the start-up (formerly 0xdata), which launched in 2011 in Silicon Valley. Currently H2O is the world’s leading open source machine learning platform. H2O is used by over 70,000 data scientists and more than 8,000 organizations around the world. H2O allows users to fit hundreds or thousands of potential models as part of discovering patterns in data. With H2O, users can throw models at data to find usable information, allowing H2O to discover patterns.

The H2O software runs can be called from the statistical package R and other environments. It is used for exploring and analyzing datasets held in cloud computing systems and in the Apache HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) as well as in the conventional operating-systems Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. The H2O software is written in Java, Python, and R.

Behaim’s delivered project experience includes: Cluster installation, setup, configuration, deployment to production, H2O models creation, and usage from R scripts.

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