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Cloudera Impala

Cloudera Impala is a query engine that runs on Apache Hadoop. The project was announced in October 2012 with a public beta test distribution and became generally available in May 2013.  Impala brings scalable parallel database technology to Hadoop, enabling users to issue low-latency SQL queries to data stored in HDFS and Apache HBase without requiring data movement or transformation. Impala is integrated with Hadoop to use the same file and data formats, metadata, security and resource management frameworks used by MapReduce, Apache Hive and other Hadoop software.

Impala is promoted for analysts and data scientists to perform analytics on data stored in Hadoop via SQL or business intelligence tools. The result is that large-scale data processing (via MapReduce) and interactive queries can be done on the same system using the same data and metadata – removing the need to migrate data sets into specialized systems and/or proprietary formats simply to perform analysis.

Behaim has several years of experience with Impala’s installation, setup, configuration, shell scripts, and data access using various JDBC clients, such as BI tools (Spotfire, Tableau), etc.

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