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  1. Creates real-time visibility into your TIBCO SOA/middleware deployment, projects, and legacy systems. MakeDoc’s output is a well-arranged, organized and uniform, printable document with searchable indices to save your time.
  2. Written in Java and therefore portable among different operating systems. Developed under operating systems Microsoft Windows and GNU Linux.

Able to run as a scheduled batch process – automatically generates middleware documentation: pulling from a centralized storage archive, at a set time frame, and sending the documentation to a specified folder.

Supported Software

MakeDoc® NG (New Generation) analyzes:

  • TIBCO Active Matrix BusinessWorks resources
  • TIBCO iProcess resources
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents 3.x, 4.x, 5.x resources: concept, concept view, event, time event, channel, rule set, rule function, scorecard and state machine.
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Server

Supports all standard TIBCO adapters: Generic Adapter, Active Database, AdEJB, BusinessConnect, CICS, Clarify, COM, CORBA, File, IBM AS/400, Infranet, JDE OneWorld Xe, Kenan BP, LDAP, Lotus Notes, MQ, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, Remedy, SAP, Siebel, SWIFT, Teradata and Tuxedo Adapters.

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