Main Services

MakeDoc® for TIBCO Provides 5 Main Services

  • Project Documentation provides detailed and comprehensive information about an unlimited number of projects.
  • Cross-Reference links the communication between destinations, projects, the usage of global variables and database objects within the projects. Cross-Reference by Destinations produces a graph of projects communicating with selected destinations. Supports JMS messages, SOAP, JDBC connections, RV messages and BusinessEventsTM. Cross-Reference by Global Variables maps the references of a selected global variable in all analyzed projects. Cross-Reference by Database Objects shows queries executed by projects on a selected database table, view, or procedure. Cross-Reference by Projects provides a list of all destinations, global variables or database objects referenced by a selected project.
  • Repository Analyst allows the tracking of changes and development progress among projects or production environments.
  • Quality Assurance is an adjustable rule based system, which checks the adherence to your set development standards by validation of TIBCO resources according to a set of defined rules.
  • BPM x ESB Cross-Reference analysis is generated for all BW and IProcess inputs and identifies which ESB services are called by BPM procedures or, which BPM procedures are triggered by which ESB processes.

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